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        A Comprehensive 2-Day Course Seats available now.


        To be announced

        2 for 1 Special (2 tickets for $1,797)

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        A Comprehensive 2-Day Course
        Completely Focused on PROVEN SYSTEMS to pave the way to Real Estate Success, taught by real estate experts Ozzie Jurock and Ralph se.

        Get into a Quantum Leap of ACTION

        Get into fresh NEW thinking

        LEARN a system

        Take Action!

        Ozzie Jurock

        Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of nada (FRI)

        President of Jurock Publishing Ltd (since 1993), Chairman of the Real Estate Action Group REAG, Chairman of Worldwide Referrals Realty.

        Ralph se

        President of the Real Estate Action Group

        Co-founder of Worldwide Referrals Realty, has been a speaker at Real Estate and Investment conferences in the United States and nada


        Best decision I ever made was to take this course over 10 years ago. Thank you! Jude Hannah
        Graduate of REAG
        I started this venture with $10,000 in RRSP savings when my net worth was MINUS $50,000. Today thanks to you and your course I have a net worth of over $600,000 and almost all positive sh flow properties. Anne A.
        Graduate of REAG
        Thank you very much for an action weekend which is – for me - more than tenfold worth the costs! Mark H.
        Graduate of REAG
        Hey Ralph and Ozzie, your student made it into the March 2012 issue of nadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine! Anyway - just want to send a big THANK YOU for your edution and inspiration. Cheers. Robert Dreskai
        Market Manager, winner of nadian Real Estate Wealth magazine "top rookie award"

        Why is this conference for you?

        Learn How to Flip for Fast Profit

        Learn How to Create Passive Income for Life

        Learn How to Buy an Apartment Building with No Money Down

        Learn Creative Financing Methods

        Learn How to Find and Structure No Money Down Deals

        Learn How to Build and Maintain a Rental Portfolio

        Learn How to Structure Your Deals

        Learn Where to Look for Real Estate and Which Areas to Avoid

        See se Studies of Different Types of Deals

        And Much, Much More...


        There are no high quality courses like this EVER offered at this LOW price of ONLY $1797

        YOU GET:

        2 Days of instruction. That's 10 hours of learning.

        PLUS - The Business ACTION PLAN CD

        PLUS - 114-page Action Weekend workbook

        PLUS - Real Estate Outlook Report - 38 pages of predictions for 2016 and beyond

        PLUS - Your Personal Real Estate Business Plan - 16 page step by step business plan

        PLUS - Online access to contracts, agreements and checklists

        PLUS - 8 CD Set of Course for Home Study

        Pricing & Registration

        Limited seats available Get your Tickets early.

        Dates to be announced. Join our mailing list and we will email you when the next course is available. Subscribe now

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        Real Estate Action Weekend
        2 for 1 Special - 2 tickets for $1,797

        Completely Focused on PROVEN SYSTEMS to pave the way to Real Estate Success


        Have a question about the course? ll 604-683-1111 or use the Contact Form

        Lotion and Venue

        Heart of Downtown Vancouver

        Spend two inspiring days in the cultural and cosmopolitan city of Vancouver. The area is full of great hotels and restaurants.


        Segal Building at Simon Fraser University

        500 Granville Street

        Vancouver, BC nada V6B 1W6

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